Creamy Meaty Enchiladas (Plant Based Make a Mix)


This is an adaptation of a recipe from our meat eating days, definately better than the original. This recipe uses two of the mixes I have previously posted. You will need the recipe for veggie meat mix and the recipe for cashew cream sauce. You are well on your way to making these Creamy Meaty … Continue reading Creamy Meaty Enchiladas (Plant Based Make a Mix)

Veggie Meat Mix (Plant Based Make-a-Mix)

Cooked Veggie Meat Mix When I was learning how to cook I found the Make-A-Mix cookbook by Karine Elisason. Using her many different mixes, from spices and seasonings, to meats, sauces, cakes and cookies, I learned to cook without using pre-packaged products. Chicken mix was one of my favorites, I always kept it in my … Continue reading Veggie Meat Mix (Plant Based Make-a-Mix)