Vegan Mac and Cheese Extras

This is a little cheat sheet I put together and posted on my instagram. With so many pictorial learners out there, I just love these kinds of photo recipes. You know who you are… the people that never know the street names but can tell you every landmark and interesting shaped building as they describe pictorially how to get somewhere. Enjoy!

I put together a quick little video for my instagram followers, it gives a detailed look at the preparation for Steff’s Mac and Cheese, the recipe can be found at the following link on my blog. You can find a link to my instagram on my home page, its the little camera shaped icon. This is a handy cheese sauce that I often times will make and just put in the refrigerator. It is a wonderful addition when poured over steamed broccoli, roasted potatoes, or buddha bowls. Its quick and easy to whip together. If you do not have a Vita-Mix, I would recommend soaking the cashews for a couple of hours in warm water. Sometimes, the cashews I buy have salt on them so soaking them for a bit and then rinsing them washes some of that off.

Taco Mac and Cheese (Vegan)

This is a little variation on Steff’s Mac and Cheese, its actually left overs that I adapted. I started with the traditional recipe found here on my blog , and I thawed out a 2 cup package of vegan meat mix found here on my blog I added taco seasoning to the meat mix along with a bit of water and heated it until the seasoning was incorporated and the water was cooked out. I also added a bit more cheese sauce to the mix from some I had in the fridge. It turned out amazing. Hamburger helper on the healthy side.

Get creative with your cooking. I spend a little extra time in the kitchen a couple days a week and fill my freezer and fridge with things I can easily toss together.

Enjoy! Stay healthy! Stay Plant Strong!

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