Breakfast Smoothie

I decided to make smoothies this morning to use up some almost finished fruits before my weekly trip to the grocery. It’s so easy to make a great tasting healthy smoothie.

I started with two almost brown bananas, too soft to be eaten by themselves. One apple that, to be honest had seen better days. Two kiwis, I love popping them out of their skins by trimming off the ends and running a spoon around them just under their peel. A handful of fresh baby spinach. One peeled mandarin orange. A sprinkling of frozen blueberries. Finally I added a splash of orange juice. The orange juice was a special treat left over from Easter mimosas. That’s it! Blend until smooth.

I have enough bodies working here on home quarantine that I made two batches. I think they enjoyed the treat and I got rid of all the extra fruit. Now I get to suit up with masks and gloves and face the grocery store to restock.

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